OpenOffice is a set of programs created by the corporation of the same name, which includes utilities for working with text files, tables, graphs and presentations. The software was first released in 2002 by company «Java Virtual Machine», and since then, developers have constantly made additions and improvements. The package includes: a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a graphic editor and a presentation system. The software supports such operating systems as: Windows, Mac OS and Linux. You can download the official version of OpenOffice for free using the links on our page.

OpenOffice's content

The software package includes

  • MySQL Connector for — MySQL database driver that allows you to make queries easily and quickly;
  • Oracle Report Builder — an extension for creating reports with flexible settings and a user-friendly interface;
  • CompPad — helps to make various calculations in the form of entering mathematical expressions using the equation editor;
  • LanguageTool — an extension for checking grammar in Writer;
  • Typography for LLC — the extension allows you to bring the text in line with typographic standards in Writer;
  • Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer — an extension to improve the search parameters and replace text in Writer.

Downloading of OpenOffice 

Follow the link on this page and download the program for free. The installation file will be displayed in the downloads folder. If you click on the icon, the automatic installation of the program will begin. After the program is fully installed, its shortcut will appear on the desktop.

Creating and editing tables

Built-in software package "Calc", which allows you to work with tables. The application mainly works with files in the ODS format, but also supports working with other tabular formats, for example, XHTML, XML, etc. The main part of the interface is occupied by tabular cells that the user can edit and modify. A toolbar with tools will be located at the top of the document.


OpenOffice is an international open source project that was created to develop a universal office suite with an open API and an XML-based file format. This package is the most well-known, convenient, widespread, and most importantly, a complete set of applications that is suitable for work in the office and for home use.